Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter and luckily I remembered to bring my camera with us to my parent's home for Easter dinner  (I am notorious for wishing I had my camera with me) Grace is such a busy girl who really doesn't like to be bothered for pictures.  Most of the pictures I attempt to snap of Grace turn out blurry.  Hazel who is almost (11mo)  is getting more mobile as she crawls like a pro and is starting to walk with help of moving carts, cars and other big toys with wheels. 

  I did manage to get 2 pics of Grace and Hazel together!! YEAH!! Gracies " Say CHEESE"  grin always cracks me up.
 Since Hazel isn't as fast as Gracie, I was able to get several pics of her.  Getting her to smile is a different story.  She is all grins and giggles until I put the camera up, then she just gave me a blank stare or a silly face. (Still no teeth on this little girl) 

Grace was busy taking care of her dolly with little interest for anything else.
Grace seems to enjoy eating sand  (gag)  So of course she felt the need to feed some to her dolly.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and the time it gives us to reflect on the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  I really struggle to find the words that express what new meaning this gift has had on my life since the passing of my little brother (can't believe it's been almost 6 years!)  His 29th birthday would have been yesterday.  While the missing him and desire to see him again does not go away, I honestly feel my soul rejoices with a deep appreciation and love for my Savior!  

In celebration of the Easter season, I would like to share this beautiful video clip.

He Is Risen


Anonymous said...

Your girls are so beautiful! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter.

Becca said...

Fun pictures! Do those two look anything alike? I see almost all Chantry in Grace and almost all Householder in Hazel. And a nice Easter message, too. :)